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Exams and Programs

ADDA aims to promote the enjoyment and knowledge of a variety of dance genres through our teachers' passion and commitment to the art form. It offers an extensive range of dance forms with a comprehensive range of carefully developed graded syllabi for the amateur and professional. The aim of all our examinations is to encourage a positive approach to achievement and strive for the development of each individual to their maximum potential.

West African Dances

The ADDA's exciting syllabus in West African Dances is designed to develop rhythmic skills, style and expression necessary to the dancer. By learning traditional dances from Guinea, and Senegal, students will go on a cultural educational journey,

A healthy mix of set work, teacher’s arrangements and students creative input provides the content throughout, allowing the teacher freedom to explore the many different layers of West African Dance, whilst adhering to the technical requirements of the categories with complete freedom in the dance arrangements. Students also learn the the deep traditions and origins of these dance styles as apart of their Wider Learning. 

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