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Rachel Lau

Founding Associate

Born in Hong Kong, completed her
education at The Hong Kong Academy
for Performing Arts and SUNY Purchase
College. Rachel has worked with
different local and global artists,
including Nguyen, Ngoc Anh, Irate
Ansa, Cameron McMillan and Zoltan
Fodor. Prior to graduation, Rachel has
performed soloist role and as a
rehearsal assistant with Hong Kong
Ballet Group performing La Sylphide.
After her graduation, Rachel worked
closely with Ata Wong Chun Tai, artistic
director of Theatre de la Feuille, where
she gained experience in acting and
physical theatre work. Rachel has
performed the premiere of dance
piece, Nos Meres Leus Meres, and
Concert for Miriam Yeung 2020 with the
company. Moreover, she was the
leading actress/collaborator for the
film, 1314, directed by Ata Wong and a
solo performer in art project, Building Hyperlink, with local artist Keith Leung. Rachel is now in London working as a freelancer and a dance teacher.

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